We have extensive experience with helping the engagement couple understand and make a plan for the photography for their wedding day.  All couples want great pictures but don’t really know what great service is when it comes to the wedding photography.

Here is what we do differently and why we do it:

Work with you to build your wedding day itinerary

Many couples do not choose to hire a professional wedding planner.  Decisions about the logistics and coordination of photos getting dressed at home, or at the church/venue, travel time to the church, pictures with family, coordination of photos with the wedding officiant, outside photos after the ceremony, timing of different photos at the reception to name a few are daunting.  We definitely can help and make planning a no-brainer!

Attendance at the rehearsal

This has several advantages.  First, we get to meet the wedding party, officiant and many family members.  Second, we provide them with a keepsake…a photo of the wedding couple and the photo itinerary that we jointly created with the wedding couple.  This really helps to ensure everyone is aware of the wedding day schedule of events.  And last but not least, we get to see the venue for photo opportunities and understand the sequence of events.

Provide a 25-55 page wedding book

I design a unique wedding book that contains images that tell the  story of your wedding day.  My clients hire me to artistically and emotionally tell their story with the images that we create.   I use the experience of my team to incorporate those images into a beautiful wedding keepsake.

Engagement photo session is included

We get to work with each other before the wedding in a low stress and relaxed timeframe.  Additionally, we can provide images for you to send with your invitations.  

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